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Anonymous asked: id lift my ass up extra high when im on all fours, so your paddle would hit my red raw pussy over and over again mrskinz

While we’re at it, I’ll pinch your clit till you scream for me, slut. You’re my toy tonight.

Anonymous asked: you know i will, would you like to watch me lick up my puddle?

I’ll be spanking you with a paddle while you’re cleaning up the mess you made.

Anonymous asked: have you ever tasted a pussy that was so good you couldnt stop eating, licking, kissing it? i want you to do that to me until you make it numb

Ohh someone’s confident. I love it. Now let me make you cum all over my tongue as I choke you. For every time you cum without making a sound, I’ll give you another orgasm.

Anonymous asked: when youre stroking your cock are you fully naked. or are your boxers around your ankles, waiting there for me to mop up my dripping cunt as i arrive and get to work, on my knees, servicing your thick dick?

I’m fully naked, now get on your knees and let me fuck your face till there’s a puddle underneath your cunt.

Anonymous asked: mhhhhmmmmm! of fuck baby I love it when your online! I can already feel my pussy getting nice and wet for you!!! can you come here and help me clean it up!

Spread it open for me and I’ll slide my fingers into you to suck them off and taste your sweet pussy. Then I’ll devour you.

Anonymous asked: i'm bored laying in bed! do you have any suggestions for me?

Masturbate for me. Rub that clit till you squirt all over your bed sheets, sexy.

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